Is Jartogo, the future of food delivery in Ghana?

Safe food delivery in times of pandemic.

Source: Kwasi Opoku-Adusei Agyemang Wiredu
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Ok, so if you are a take-away person or the one that likes to have their meals delivered at your door step, yet do not trust the delivery in this COVID-19, then Jartogo is just right for you.

Jartogo is the new sensation and innovation in food packaging and delivery in Ghana currently. It is a meal planning and delivery service startup operating in Accra to ensures customers save time and money in finding good food everyday.


For their innovation, Jartogo uses swapable, re-usable, sterile glass as the best solution for handling meals & beverages. This is a means of tackling SDG 12 and 15 by reducing plastic waste and combating desertification as it reduces paper packing as well. Jartogo is equally promoting good health and wellbeing, reducing food loss and providing restaurant vendors with logistics. They also enable restaurant vendors to extend customer convenience and delivery range.

Waakye in a jar. Source: Kwasi Opoku-Adusei Agyemang Wiredu

This an initiative by the CEO and founder of Virotech Ghana Limited, Akwasi Asamoah. He was one of sixteen finalist of the Total Startupper in 2019. Critics are however, wondering how sustainable it can be in the long term as the restaurant and food delivery sector is already saturated. And whether innovation means bringing new things or is just branding. Also operating in a perfect competitive market, it will need to achieve equilibrium when their supply meets consumer demand.

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Akwasi Asamoah pitching at the Startupper of the Year.

Question is, are customers willing to have their waakye and yam delivered in a jar? Watch the introduction of Jartogo below.

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